Pillow for shoulder pain: The Pillows We Recommend

One of the most common pains people have in their everyday lives is in the shoulder area. I’ve torn my right rotator cuff a couple years ago and I’ve dislocated my left shoulder when I was younger so I’m no stranger to shoulder pain. Your sleeping habits have a direct impact on your shoulders which is helpful if you suffer from shoulder pain. One the easiest ways of relieving pain is finding a specific pillow for shoulder pain. The pillow industry is very vast and has numerous options exclusively for the sleeper. For example, there are pillows manufactured for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, pregnant sleepers and more. Below we check out 3 pillows that do an amazing job at relieving pain in the shoulder neck areas.

Recommended Pillows for shoulder pain relief




Zinus Deluxe Pillow For Shoulder pillow

Shoulder pillow review

My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow


shoulder pain relief pillow

Cr Sleep Air Pillow for Neck and shoulder pain

pillow for shoulder pain relief


-Shapes very easily to the sleeper’s neck and shoulders

-Great at relieving pressure in the rear delt shoulder area

-Priced modestly well when you compare it to other shoulder pillows


-Fairly long break in period

-The lifespan of the pillow is not very long according to some users


-One of the most highly rated and popular pillows in the market today

-Reputable manufacture with a good history of customer service

-The pillow is not overly soft nor overly hard.


-Washing the pillow is not very easy compared to other pillows

-Priced fairly high when you compare it to other pillows


-Postive consumer reviews and a generally high praised pillow

-Easy to wash and maintain the pillow compared to other shoulder pillows

-The break in period for the period is not very long which is an added plus


-Priced fairly high when you compare it to other pillows

Hopefully this short article answered a few questions in regards to pillows for shoulder pain. When you do purchase your shoulder pillow, it’s recommended that you throw it into a pillow case. A pillow case can extend the lifespan of your shoulder pillow by keeping it cleaner which means less rounds in the washing machine. In addition, be aware that certain pillows have a longer break in period than others. Lastly, be sure to fluff your pillow in the event that it becomes stiff and no longer soft/firm.