Best Pillow For Back Pain: The Pancake Pillow

Finding the Best Pillow For Back Pain is not an easy task. With that being said, one pillow that has stood out form the very rest is the Pancake Pillow. In the pillow market, the pancake pillow has been gaining a lot of popularity and is one of the most highly reviewed pillows and Its evident why. One feature that really makes the pancake pillow shine is the ability to adjust how high or how low the pillow by removing the layers inside the pillow. The pillow is manufactured with a Down Alternative Microfiber material designed to be Hypo Allergenic. In addition, The pillow is available in a queen size, queen size featuring an additional pillow and a king size.


  • In Terms of the its construction, the materials are built very well and this pillow last you for years to come.
  • Cleaning and washing is very easy which is a big plus. That said, it is still recommended that you use a casing for the pancake pillow.
  • The 2 pack queen package feature which features an additional pancakepillow (making it two in total) is an absolute steel considering the quality of the pillow.
  • The adjustable feature in the makes this virtually compatible for all sleepers no matter what their shape or size may be.
  • The pillows does an exceptional job at maintaining as well as morphing into the sleepers shape during sleep making it the best pillow for back pain.
  • The Soft Down Alternative Microfiber Fill inside the pillow is Hypo Allergenic making it a good pillow choice for sleepers that suffer from allergies.


  • Pricing is above average when comparing it to some of the other pillows in the market.
  • Due to the pancake pillows design and manufactured build, fluffing the pillow is a bit awkward.

Bottom Line

This is hands down one of the best down pillows in the market and the best pillows when it comes to dealing with lower and upper back pain. Besides the unique design, the pillow itself is very comfortable and does a fine job supporting your upper as well as lower back during sleep. Where this pillow really shines is the customization option that is offered which makes the pillow work for every sleeper. The only downside that can be found with this pillow is the above average price tag and the awkwardness of fluffing the pillow. With that being said, this pillows does an extremely good job at supporting the sleeper during his or hers sleep cycle and its not surprising as to why this pillow is regarded as the best pillow for back pain.


Price  [usr 2.5 size=20].

Durability [usr 4 size=20].

Washability [usr 4 size=20].

Supportive [usr 4.5 size=20].

Softness [usr 3.5 size=20].

Overall Rating [usr 4.5 size=20].

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